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Many time related claims are pursued and resolved without the need for formal legal proceedings, whether through the conventional contractual claims process and/or negotiation or through alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation, adjudication, expert determination or dispute boards.

The preparation of, or response to, time related claims requires technical knowledge and experience that may not always reside within a client company and its staff. King Planning is highly competent in the prompt, thorough and focused forensic analysis of delay, disruption and their associated issues.

Our detailed analytical methods allow us to understand and dissect key issues and provide considered and accurate advice to clients prior to and during the claims process. We have an enviable track record in the counsel of clients and subsequent formulation, preparation and resolution of claims.

In King Planning’s 25 years of operation, we have analysed a diverse range of thousands of claims. We have successfully prosecuted or defended claims in various alternative dispute resolution forums such as mediation, adjudication, expert determination and dispute boards and we have extensive experience regarding all manner of time related issues such as delay, disruption, concurrency, acceleration, pacing, apportionment and global claims.

King Planning’s services include:
  • Independent and impartial advice, whether in prosecution or defence of claims

  • Detailed forensic analysis of all project documentation and evidence

  • Assistance preparing or responding to contractual notices and claims regarding all time related matters

  • Preparation of objectively reasoned alternative dispute resolution material such as expert reports, position papers and reports for adjudication applications and responses

  • Distilling complex technical issues into easily understood visual aids such as graphics and animations

  • A dedicated team of experienced professionals

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